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Faith Confessions for Women
Confessions and prayers designed to help redirect your words so they line up with the Word of God. read more!


Breakthrough Principles for Change
Why do some people experience lasting change in their lives and other don’t? The answer lies in renewing your mind and avoiding things that hinder change in your life. read more!


God's Shadow of Protection

Do you have absolute confidence in your safety when you’re surrounded by danger?

read more!


How to Weather the Storm

You don’t have to allow the storms of life to get you down.

read more!


Overcoming a Critical Spirit
Are you a critical person? read more!


The Power to Influence
What kind of impact are you making in this world? read more!


Putting First Things First
Do you have a lot of different responsibilities - spouse, parent, employee, entrepreneur? Are your priorities in order? read more!


Virtuous Woman Audio Book
The character of a virtuous woman is influenced, tempered, and fashioned by the word of God.  read more!


How to Overcome Battles
As a Believer, you will face battles in life. read more!


Fearless Living
Negative reports and news media coverage of recession, violence, and danger are constantly being played across the airwaves around the world, and fear is at an all-time high. read more!


2010 Taffi Dollar Women's Conference
2010 Taffi Dollar Women's Conference is a 5 message DVD series and a 4 message CD series by Taffi Dollar and various speakers. read more!

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