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Walking in Power
The power of God has been made available for you.  But knowing how to tap into it and making it operative in your life is key. read more!


Activating the Anointing
Everything we do in life requires an exchange.  When we give in response to the Word we receive, we take part in a supernatural exchange. read more!


How to Acquire Wealth
The Bible gives specific instructions how on to acquire the wealth of God.  Supernatural multiplication and creating wealth when lack is evident is the will of God. read more!


The Call to Virtue
The life of a Christian should be far from average because we have the power of God on the inside of us.  We have the ability to impact the world, demonstrating God's power through signs and wonders. read more!


Pursuing Holiness
Holiness is not about wearing long dresses and no makeup; it is a way of thinking that is in agreement with God and His Word. read more!


Living Holy
We are holy when we allow our thinking to agree with God’s Word. It is vital to our success as Christians that we renew our minds with the Word of God on a daily basis. read more!


Perfecting Holiness
Many times, it is difficult to distinguish Christians from worldly people. We should not love the things of the world more than we love the things of God. read more!


Power of Communion
Communion is more than just a religious ritual we take part in on a particular Sunday each month. It is our point of contact with the body and blood of Jesus Christ. read more!


The Power of Taking Communion
It is vital that we do not view communion as just another religious practice, but as a significant part of our success as Christians. read more!


Making God Your Refuge
When we have confidence in the protection of the blood of Jesus, fear is eradicated. Fear is Satan’s weapon against us, and it gives him access to our lives. read more!


Heaven Your Eternal Home
Heaven is a real place, not a fictional myth. For those who have made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior, they can rest assured that heaven is their eternal destination. read more!

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