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Capturing the Reality of Heaven and Hell
Due to the constant hustle and bustle of modern times, our declining morals, and even the abundance of vain religious activities, many people have lost sight of what is really important--where they will spend eternity. read more!


From Trouble to Triumph Minibook
Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seemed hopeless? It is during these times that it seems impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Satan will use fear, doubt and unbelief to convince you there's no way out. read more!


Zondervan Bible Dictionary
The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary provides a visually stimulating journey for anyone interested in learning more about the world of the Bible. Through the articles, sidebars, charts, maps, and full-color images included in this volume, the text of the Old and New Testaments will come alive for you as never before. The material is based completely on the NIV and cross-referenced with the King James Version, and it contains over 7,200 entries, 500 full-color photographs, charts and illustrations, 75 full-color maps, and a Scripture index ... making this wonderful Bible study resource a must-have, whether you're a general reader of the Bible, a pastor, or a student. read more!


Freedom from Lack
Have you ever experienced the frustration that comes from not having enough? When you lack the resources you need to meet even your basic needs, it can become discouraging and disheartening. The enemy wants to contain Believers by keeping them in a state of perpetual lack; however, it is God’s will that we have more than enough to meet our needs, and be a blessing to others. In Freedom from Lack, you will discover how to get out and stay out of lack. Break free from lack! read more!


8 Steps to Create the Life You Want
In 8 Steps to Create the Life You Want: The Anatomy of a Successful Life, learn the comprehensive and practical applications that you can apply to your daily life and achieve all that God has predestined for you.
read more!


Kidz Faith Curriculum: The Road to Christian Character
Are you looking for proven principles to minister to your children? Do you desire to develop and nurture your childrens spiritual growth? read more!


La Lascivia: El Resultado de la Negligencia
La Lascivia: El Resultado de la Negligencia read more!


10 Thoughts That Will Change Your Life
Your mind-set determines your success or failure in life. When your thoughts line up with the Word of God, a positive outcome is inevitable. Sometimes all it takes is a simple adjustment in your predominant thoughts that makes the biggest difference. In Ten Thoughts That Will Change Your Life, discover specific affirmations designed to shift your thinking and why adopting God’s thoughts positions you for increase. Focus, discipline, and a commitment to mind renewal will cause us to be victorious in life. Order today! read more!


The Anointing To Live
Are you ready to live a victorious life and experience the prosperity and abundance that God's Word promises? read more!
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La Liberacion del Temor
Nosotros vivimos en una era de miedo: miedo al fracaso, divorcio, queibra, crimen, enfermedades, y muerte. Todos los dias los reporteros despachan una interceptacion de reportes malos que sutilmente se filtren en nuestros ojos y oidos, para distraer nuestra atencion de la fuente de paz y confidencia, Jesucristo, el Ungido y Su Uncion.  Pero hay buenas noticias! read more!


Promises for Life for Men book

Promises and insights from God's Word to encourage and guide you. Taken from the New Men's Devotional Bible, this topically arranged promise book includes Scripture verses and timely devotional thoughts. Includes topics such as courage, integrity, obedience, and work.

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