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The Second Coming of the Lord
Have you always heard that Jesus is coming back soon, but just don't believe it will happen in your lifetime? read more!


Praying With Confidence
Prayer changes things. When you pray according to the promises in God's Word, you can rest assured that He will hear and answer. read more!


How to Obtain and Use Faith
Faith begins with the Word of God. In order to accomplish the impossible, you will need faith. read more!


The Next Dimension of Faith: Developing Confidence in God and His Word
When faced with a challenge, do you begin preparing for the worst or do you declare your victory? read more!


The Words of the Righteous
Do you desire wholeness in your relationships, health and finances? read more!


The Heart: The Master Key to the Mouth
If someone were to open your heart, what would they find? read more!


Being Established In Faith
Do you ever feel unable to impact the lives of others in the way you would like to? read more!


The Greatest Faith
Are you tired of waiting to receive the things you desire? read more!


What Are You Working On?
If you aren't saying anything, you aren't creating anything. read more!


Learning to Operate in the Kingdom of God System
Wouldn't it be a relief to have a foolproof manual that showed you how to get ahead in life? read more!


Faith: Your Claim to Victory
If you knew the power source to divine health, great relationships and overall prosperity, wouldn't you want to be plugged into it? read more!

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